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Tools – Software

CerCap One Note Page

CerCap One Note Page

This is an example of one page of an entire project file. The Software application featured is One Note. The images that have been pasted to the page using Snag-It capture and edit software by Tech-Smith. Every project effort can be divided into smaller sub-tasks that allow a better focus during the development cycle. Organization is extremely important for easy access and retrieval of key project data. One Note is the perfect tool for setting up a software record of all facets of the development. The Components Engineer will be involved in many of the sub-tasks on both Development and Manufacturing efforts. Examine each section tab across the top of the notebook page and also note the page tabs on the right hand side allow for detailed records organized under specific section and subsection tabs as indicated by the indented capacitor types under Capacitors. Tools for drawing, tables, date and time stamping, tagging, linking, and capturing entire web pages, single objects and editable text, expedite the project file creation and with sophisticated search technology, any data or image can be retrieved very quickly. The PDF icon at the top of the page is an active link that opens up to the manufacturer’s specification datasheet. Add your own notes to captured data and images and keep the pages current to receive the greatest benefit of the One Note software application.

Download Core Disciplines->Software Tools->CerCap One Note Page

Visio is a great program for creating many different kinds of drawings that are applicable for various documentation purposes. If you refer to the Art section under Learning Center-Components-Art, you will see various examples of illustrations created via Visio assisted by the downloadable connector template shown on the same page.Below, I have added new illustrations to demonstrate additional types of drawings that can be created using Visio. Not only is Visio a great alternative drawing tool for those who are not conversant with Cad software, but it is also very easy to learn and has its own editable library with customizable stencils and shapes.

PCB Connector Spacing Study

Generic RF Block and Level Rack Diagram

PCB Connector Spacing Study

These two drawings using Visio, give a graphic representation of the impact of adding a fan to the space requirement. As you can see, in order to fit the fan in, the PCB had to be moved to the left. The impact is significant. If a sheet metal panel design is to be fabricated, the through panel connector locations would have to be considered for both the “no fan” and “with fan” configurations. Also, the hardware spacer or standoffs would also have to be accommodated for spacing and tool access. A quick Visio diagram is used to certify that the spacing and mounting requirements are feasible for the product design.

Product Layout Study (Before Fan)

Product Layout Study (After Fan)

Basic Assembly for Wire Routing using Visio

Assembly Layout Proposal Using Visio