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CEC Supplier Audit Checklist

This is a very comprehensive survey form that is used to qualify a Contract Manufacturing (CM) Company as a function of Supply Line Management Operations. Since the CM usually has most or all of the capabilities to purchase, assemble, and test a product, the survey must include all areas of concern as to performance capability and process quality assurance. Often, because of the technical nature of the survey, the Component Engineer is part of the quality team and is assigned to review the CM’s Documentation Control procedures, the ECO/ECN processes, Test equipment calibration schedules, ESD precautions and controls, and some aspects of package and assembly handling. Because the checklist is extensive, it is usually sent ahead of the inspection team so the CM has time to review it and make sure the various processes, procedures, and files are in “inspection ready” condition. Often the inspection team will supply a “weight” to each criteria, 1 through 4 and at the end of the inspection, the team will pass or fail the CM based upon the weighted average figures for each section. That is to say, a simple “yes” or “no” may be on the form, but a more realistic audit looks at the processes in terms of degrees-per 100% compliance to the expected quality level. One area of the assembly floor has adequate ESD measures, while another may not have up-to-date measurement records for the wrist straps. Perhaps the ESD flooring is scratched or damaged and needs repair. You wouldn’t fail the CM for this, but you might weight them as a 3 out of 4 possibility on ESD concerns. This Survey is meant to help make the CM aware of your company’s quality expectations and so will also help the CM conform to your company’s documented quality standards. For non CM site surveys, this form can be adapted based upon the nature of the products the supplier produces and the manufacturing processes associated thereto.

Download cec-supplier-audit-checklist.pdf

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